Dedication. Highest Standards. Advanced Information Technology

CSL was founded in 1987 and supported by a dedicated team of long serving staff members has been delivering the very highest standards in advanced information technology systems to its broad spectrum of customers for over thirty years.


CSL prides itself on an almost unparalleled level of customer retention built through strong, traditional values and relationships.

Customer requirements are always listened and adhered to, enhancements to the requests are often presented, the customer’s satisfaction remains as always, the highest priority. This approach has been applied for all of CSL’s customers, from the largest to the smallest, from the oldest to the newest, no customer is ever left to wonder where they might fit within that scale, it is the operational goal of CSL that each customer is made to feel as though they are CSL’s one and only client.

Over the years CSL has branched into many facets of the I.T. industry, from hardware supply, software licencing, server and application builds, networking and telecommunications right through to server room design and closed circuit television.

Where CSL cannot meet a particular resource requirement from within its own dedicated, close knit team, it has built strong and trusted partnerships with many other organisations whom have demonstrated they can work with CSL seamlessly whilst allowing CSL to maintain its own core traditional values of service, delivery and price to the customer. Part of that tradition is that CSL continues those responsibilities to its customer long after the sale is made and into warranty and on-going maintenance periods.


CSL has achieved thirty years of service through many industry recessions whilst maintaining its low-pressure sales approach through traditional values of honesty and openness with both its customers and its suppliers.

This has meant that the very best offers and pricing are assured to the customer and obtained from the supplier alike, CSL then prides itself in offering an unprecedented share of that effort back into ensuring the project’s success.

We make no apology for making frequent use of the word Traditional whilst talking about CSL.

In fact we are proud to do so, for not only do we understand that it is difficult to apply that word to any successful business model in the modern world of I.T. but we also understand that more companies should be trying to, because it is a value that will be sorely missed, after all, it is with these values that many of today’s companies were first formed and have now long since forgotten.